Three in Four Individuals Got Injured in Strife For Fitness Post Pandemic, Study Finds

According to a recent survey, the pandemic may be too accountable for the three out of four recent injuries that Americans have sustained while exercising.

Nearly seven out of ten surveyed American individuals said they stopped exercising because of the outbreak. So even though 88% are committed to returning to the pre-pandemic physique, getting fit has turned out to be much harder than anticipated.

Respondents say they resumed training too quickly.

More than half of those surveyed (56%) attribute their inability to resume their preferred physical activities to a prior injury, while 41% place the blame on the pandemic. In addition, their exercise regimens were altered by setbacks, including the necessity to wear masks while exercising (60%), getting COVID-19 (58%), and modifying the kinds of training they will need to perform (57%).

Four out of five people have recently hurt themselves while exercising, according to a study by OnePoll in collaboration with CURAD, which only worsens their workout problems.

Almost 64% of them believe they resumed their habit after being inactive for an extended period of time too rapidly, 56% believe they resumed their intense sports activities too early, and 45% believe they strained a muscle or went too fast.

85% of respondents said injuries hindering a return to fitness

Overall, 85% of respondents claim that their injuries have hindered them from returning into shape; 92% indicate that they consider their injuries when exercising, and 90% say that they have altered their schedules to account for the injury.

Orthopedic  Surgeon and NCAA Team Physician Dr. Gloria Beim stated,  “It’s important to ease back into your old workout routine, especially if you’ve been away for a while. Jumping back in too quickly can put you at risk of pulling muscles or even more serious injuries.”

To return to their “peak performance days” this year is what four out of five people (83%) say they want to do. Additionally, respondents stated that their knees (37%), arms or feet (36%), torn muscles (36%), and ankles (37%) were the most frequently injured body parts for them (35% ).

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