Seniors who “Live-in-Place” Are Likely To Live Long and Suffer Less Falls, Study Finds

People may become more difficult to perform daily tasks like driving or cooking as they age. As a result, individuals may need to relocate to a care home or assisted-living institution if they cannot take proper care of themselves and need further assistance. However, recent studies indicate that residents of independent living facilities or those who live at home may have a higher likelihood of living longer and in better health without needing to go into a nursing home.

Most seniors love remaining at their houses than entering unsung facilities 

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, most elderly people choose to remain in their houses instead of entering nursing facilities. With this knowledge in hand, investigators at the University of Missouri looked for strategies to retain senior citizens in their homes without endangering their wellbeing and health. The researchers examined eight years’ worth of health information from TigerPlace, a senior care community that offers assistance while maintaining members’ privacy in their own apartments. Additionally, there is the chance to network at various events the facility hosts.

Every six months, registered nurses from TigerPlace conducted health examinations of the residents, who were on average 84 years old. The tests evaluated the residents’ capacity for doing daily duties, cognition, stress, physical fitness, and fall risk. Through a number of motion sensors, the researchers also obtained information on inhabitants’ levels of activity, breathing, and pulse rate. To determine a person’s risk of contracting an infection like pneumonia, the researchers took into account any dramatic changes to the group’s schedule or any fresh falls.

Fewer falls result when one is living in place

According to researchers, the examinations enabled people to receive therapy and early detection before their conditions worsened. Additionally, doing so prolonged residents’ health and reduced the need for a nursing home move.

According to the study, the ability to work out and participate in social activities with other locals directly correlated with improved overall health. In addition, fewer falls resulted from the sustained physical activity’s increasing muscle mass and strength.

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