Study Shows That Americans Prefer Online Shopping to In-store Shopping

A study done by OnePoll and commissioned by HomeValet found that Americans plan to keep buying things online after the pandemic ends. The survey of 2000 Americans showed that 56% of the participants want to use home delivery more. Among that number, about 86% think home delivery will become their primary method of shopping, with 50% saying this change will happen in five years.

Americans give challenges they experience with home delivery

The researchers found that more Americans (7 in 10) use home delivery because of the pandemic. With the same number using it more frequently than they used to get necessities especially. Although many Americans use home delivery because of the pandemic, they do not plan to stop after the pandemic (69%).

When asked about the changes they want to be made to home delivery, 31% said they would like verified deliveries which they wouldn’t sign for, temperature-controlled boxes (32%), automatic replenishment for purchases made regularly (34%), more secure delivery boxes (42%) and control over when their orders will be delivered (46%).

About 57% of the respondents admit to leaving items in online shopping carts, with the average person leaving 11 things. Researchers found that 56% were likely to place clothing, 49% place household supplies, and 44% place groceries in their carts

Americans live items in their cart during online shopping

Shoppers who left items in their cart abandoned the things around four times per month.  About 45% gave the reason for this as a lack of delivery windows, while another 45% worried their purchases would be delivered to their homes when they were away.

About 35% of the respondents said they abandoned purchases because of porch pirates, with 45% claiming they lost their packages after they were marked delivered. Another 42% said their boxes had been damaged by bad weather when they were left outside, while 45% had gotten notices for missed deliveries.

According to John Simms, the CEO and co-founder of HomeValet, consumers in the past did not need a safe place at home to get their deliveries since most shopped at stores. However, the change in purchasing habits has shown that the increased number of home deliveries has brought several vulnerabilities to the surface.

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