Study Finds That Americans Feel Nervous Are Worried About the Condition of Their Skin

A survey of 2000 Americans conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Acne Wipeout found that most Americans feel anxious about leaving their homes without face masks or the face filters they use on social media. The study involved 1000 people aged 18-55 and 1000 who were mothers of teenagers.

Americans would instead opt-out of social action to avoid being seen with blemished skin

Because they were concerned about their appearance, 46% of the study participants washed their faces before virtual meetings, 45% applied heavier makeup, and 48% switched off their cameras during video calls.

The respondents also admitted how far they would go to avoid being seen without a blemish or breakout. About 20% opted out of a pre-planned outing with their friends, 21% missed school, 24% missed a party, while 25% postponed a date.

Teens also experience loss of confidence due to bad skin

Teens also appeared to struggle with regaining their confidence as things returned to normal. About 3 in 5 moms said that social media heavily influenced their children’s perceptions of themselves. Factors that had contributed to the teens’ insecurities included Photoshop (37%), peer pressure caused by social media (42%), and influencers (39%).

Most of the moms admitted that talking to their children about puberty (31%) was more challenging than discussing drugs (19%), and death (25%).

A few moms (2 in 5) reports that the conditions of their children’s skin had worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. They blamed this on stress (20%), putting on a mask (20%), and puberty (21%). Despite noting the negative changes to their skin, about 1 in 3 mothers don’t know if they should tell them to take care of their skin. Another 1 in 5 don’t think it is their place.

The pandemic has made 63% of the respondents feel they need to take care of their skin. Some participants link clear skin to confidence (33%) and acne with stress (19%).

According To Matt Stevens, a creator of Acne Wipeout and the Vice President of University Medical, the study reveals that insecurities such as acne and weight affect all age groups. Because of the pandemic, people are even more aware of their insecurities and want to take more steps to take care of themselves.

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