Study Shows That Americans Try To Limit Technology Use at Night

A survey of 2000 Americans conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by found that most Americans try to take a break from their devices. About 56% of the participants spend most of their day on their screen limit using them at night. The researchers found that people would stop using their devices after about five and a half hours. A number of the respondents (53%) said they use them less for work than leisure. Another 7 in 10 admitted to getting carried away as they played games.

Participants limited access to their devices at night

About 59% of the respondents said they slept better after they began taking breaks from their devices. Another 48% said they had become more relaxed. Some respondents admitted to feeling free (29%), while others felt content (31%) when they let their devices go.

The researchers found that participants tried to limit their device usage. About 34% avoided having them on the table at mealtime, while 31% wanted to keep them away from their beds. Of those with tech rules at home, most of them (87%) stay away from their laptops and phones after bedtime.

Despite trying to restrict their access to their devices at night, about 24% said it was challenging. For this reason, the average respondent gave themselves two and a half hours with their devices before they went to bed.

After spending time with their devices, most of the study participants (64%) wanted to spend time with loved ones, cook (56%), or listen to music (62%).

Participants plan to read more

About 47% of the respondents said they have little time to do other things because of the excessive time they spend on their devices. As a result, about 63% want to spend time on other activities.

About 30% of the study participants said they wanted to read more. Another 50% were already avid readers, with 2 in 3 saying it is their favorite hobby.

While eBooks have become more popular, 54% prefer to read a printed book copy. Those who chose printed books felt they were easier to read (57%), others liked the feel (59% and others were more attached to printed books (37%).

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