Study Reveals That Americans Haven’t Celebrated Holidays Since the Beginning of the Pandemic

A recent study commissioned by Chinet and conducted by OnePoll revealed that several American families spend time together during the holidays and would alter any holiday traditions if they spend time with their loved ones.

The study targeted 2,000 Americans and investigated how each family prefers to spend their holidays each year. As a result, 73% of the Respondents admitted bonding with their dear ones during the holidays, with 82% altering their schedule to fit their loved ones.

One Poll also revealed that 73% of the parents they examined state that their children are usually more excited to spend time with their relatives than expected. In addition, three in four respondents admitted that most of their blissful memories were created during a holiday.

How Americans spent time with their loved ones

The study authors calculated the amount of time that the average American spends with their loved ones was two weeks. During the two weeks, the activities carried out in the household include cooking, playing games, and catching up on the latest gossip, among others.

At least 37% of the Respondents are issued with the mantle of being the designated hosts during the holidays. The study reported that an average host entertains an average of fourteen visitors, especially after the impact of the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, 62% of the respondents haven’t celebrated the holidays as they would wish to. A third of those who celebrate the holidays still believe that they are as thrilling as children. However, the pandemic has forced several respondents to have a greater appreciation for the holidays.

Americans wanted to share their new traditions with their families

 The pandemic has significantly altered the holiday traditions of at least 63% of the Respondents, but they are enthusiastic about beginning new traditions with their families. Most of the Respondents were grateful that they could spend time with their dear ones during the holidays.

With the hope of the pandemic ending, most of the Respondents plan to treasure their meetings with their loved ones. The study also revealed that 77% of the respondents admit that life is too short. The study authors reveal that several of the Respondents want to play a vital role during the festivities so that every guest can enjoy being together.

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