Study Shows That Several Americans Blame Poor Sleep for Their Declining Mental Health

A recent study reported that the global health crisis negatively affects several Americans’ mental health. The study conducted by Edelman Data and Intelligence on Throne on the negative impacts COVID-19 has had on Americans.

How researchers conducted the study

The study authors examined a target population of at least 4000 Americans in 2021. The study began in June with 2000 adults and a similar amount in September to examine the public’s altering mindset on the effect of COVID 19. 

About 70% of women and 75% of young adults in Generation Z admit that the pandemic proceeds to affect at least one aspect of their lives. In addition, most of the Respondents admit that COVID-19 affects their anxiety and stress levels

About 89% of Americans have tried to improve their health over the previous year. A portion of that focus revolves around receiving more sleep. A third of the poll admit that they will require to work on their sleeping habits in 2022. 

A few responders believed that they were well-rested after waking up less than half of the time. However, 50% of the well-rested Respondents wake up feeling stressed out more than half the time due to lack of sleep. 

Americans feel they have lost control of their lives

The study reported that several Americans were frustrated due to losing control over their lives. More adults feel like they have less control over stress levels than they did in the past four months.  

Due to the progressing health mandates in the country, several Americans are reportedly fed up with the future. However, the study authors revealed that 42% are optimistic about the future while 28% are excited about the new normal. 

The fear of the COVID-19 variants has 58% of the Respondents afraid of falling ill than in the previous years. In addition, illnesses such as the common cold scare 41% of the Respondents, a 9% increase of the June survey. 

Dr. Nathan Price, the CEO of Onegevity, stated that exercises and nutrition are the pillars of improving one’s energy, with key compounds like nicotinamide ribosome having a big impact on energy.  

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