Study Reveals a Nutrient in Grapes That Reduce Cholesterol Levels

A new study recently reported that grapes could lower cholesterol levels. This study comes when high cholesterol levels are among the leading health complications in western countries. Furthermore, reports indicate that the U.S. is the most affected country due to the excessive production and consumption of processed foods.

Processed food and other alternative substances consist of high amounts of saturated fats that increase cholesterol in the body. The study suggests various methods to reduce cholesterol, such as removing lousy food from one’s diet.

How to reduce cholesterol in the body

A person can decrease cholesterol in the body by managing the type of food consumed. The study created the ‘superfood’ that reduces cholesterol, thus improving health.

The study revealed that the superfood consisted of enough concentration to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. In ordinary situations, physicians opt to advise patients to consume fruits. However, fruits are not suitable for reducing cholesterol levels.

The study authors reported that a natural resolution would work perfectly alongside the custom treatment methods. Among the natural resolutions revealed to reduce cholesterol levels included grapes. Grapes consist of certain gut-friendly compounds that reduce cholesterol consumed.

The authors estimated that the amount of time required by the grapes to reduce the cholesterol is equivalent to four weeks. Although it is one of the ignored fruits in the farmer’s market, Grapes yields various benefits on the gut.

Some of the benefits of the consumption of grapes

The study authors revealed that saturated fats increase cholesterol levels in an individual’s body. Previous studies attempted to cure this plight, but none concluded with a lasting solution. The study reported that at least 1000 trillion bacteria are present in a person’s guts, reducing saturated fats.

One of the nutrients present in grapes is Polyphenols, a chemical that reduces the inflammatory agents in the human body. Other nutrients in grapes include fibers that allow the fruit to protect the body against high cholesterol levels. The study authors published their results in the Nutrients Journal and hoped to allow further research on the topic. The group titled the study the Effect of Standardized Grape Powder Consumption on the Gut Microbiome of Healthy Subjects.

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