Mobile Technology Applications Help Administer Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes

A recent study conducted by Healthline reported that various tech firms were creating suitable technology to assist individuals suffering from terminal illnesses such as Diabetes. The firms develop mobile applications that provide medical services such as insulin dosing.

Previous studies created various applications to issue treatment to diabetes patients via their phones. However, the Food and Drug Administration declined to approve for various reasons. Nevertheless, due to the pandemic, there have been many medical advancements carried out.

Due to the pandemic’s impacts, most advancements developed slowly due to the effects. The study authors reported that the progress made in the field stalled due to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

There have been several innovations to regulate insulin levels

Most of the advancements made in 2022 are similar to those that began in the previous years. In addition, however, scientists created several inventions that modify a patient’s management of Diabetes.

Inventions created by scientists to regulate Diabetes include the development of insulin pens and others. There have also been inventions that regulate glucose administration, such as Automated Insulin Delivery Systems.

The 2022 forecast consists of experiments, observations and analysis factored in by the group during their research. In addition, various organizations, such as Tandem Diabetes Care (OTC: TNDM), recently shed light on its progress to develop mobile apps that administer Insulin to patients. The company admits that it still has a lot of work to do; however, the F.D.A cleared its final phase.

The use of technology to administer insulin

In 2020, Tandem launched its application that allows Insulin administration via a mobile application. Dr. Kim Jernigan, a certified member of the Children’s Health Organization, stated that individuals are suffering from Diabetes encounter difficulties during meal times.

Jernigan stated that children with type 1 Diabetes are subject to their volatile eating habits, making it difficult for parents to control it. As a result, TNDM released several statements, revealing that it changed its plans to factor in the anticipated approval and launch of the application. The anticipation paved the way for the company’s new technology following the launch of the t-slim model in 2012.

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