Influencer Sells Digital Fart Art Before Her Retirement

Recently, an emerging NFT platform trend began with a world-renowned influencer selling her farts. Stephanie Matto, one of the actors featured in the 90-day Fiancé, stated that she makes an estimated amount of $200,000 by selling fart jars. Now Matto has announced that she will be selling Digital Fart Art to mark her retirement from the venture.

Following her retirement, Matto announced the creative digital venture that would alter history. However, during an interview with the Daily Mail, Matto revealed that she didn’t think the venture was profitable until she received several demands for her farts.

During her two-month test run, the influencer sold several jars, making it into a profitable business.

 Farting fetish has been present throughout history 

Recently, Vice News published an article revealing that the fart fetish has been present, beginning with a 1909 married couple. The article revealed that the husband wrote a love letter to his wife, revealing his fascination for her farts.

The discovery of the letter created awareness of the farts fetish consumers. In the fetish industry, every item that will be mail or bottled is considered a treasure, and they include panties and bathwater, among others.

Other influencers who attempted to sell their fats to consumers include Alex Ramrez- Maillis and his friends. The groups produced fats that lasted a year, recording them as NFTs.

NFTs are now a valuable alternative to the traditional forms of payment, especially in the entertainment adult industry. The creator of the NFTs has assured the ability to obtain royalties for their products.

Matto stops selling farts after a health scare

Matto announced through her social media platform that she was halting the fart production due to a health scare. Matto revealed the gas production almost gave her a heart attack due to the high amounts of hard-boiled eggs and beans she ate to keep up with demand

However, the 31-year-old stated that she was looking for means to produce farts while minding her health status. An article published by Jam Press revealed that Matto received a maximum of $50,000 via her business venture.

The influencer also posted various video clips about her ventures on her social media platforms and accounts such as TikTok and Instagram, among others.

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