Ohio Outlaws Abortion After Six Weeks

After the Supreme Court recently overturned Roe v. Wade, Ohio outlawed abortion procedures after 42 days, or six weeks, of pregnancy. Before this new rule, about nine out of ten Ohioans needing abortion services did so after 42 days of pregnancy, according to investigators from The Ohio State University.

Around a quarter of Ohio abortion patients, according to the study’s findings, didn’t even become aware of their pregnancies until after six weeks had gone. However, even among individuals who were informed before the sixth-week point, 86% of abortions took place after six weeks or longer. These conclusions are informed by a study of 1,141 abortion clients from 2020 through 2021.

There is a limited chance for an important decision 

The findings indicate that many individuals looking to procure an abortion might not receive the services in Ohio. Irrespective of when one discovered they are pregnant, the six-week timeline disrupts care for almost all patients. 

Lead study author professor Abigail Norris Turner said that It goes without saying that no one in the state is permitted to have an abortion if they discover they are pregnant after six weeks have passed. However, you have to take into account the need for at least two clinic appointments, a 24-hour waiting time, understaffing, and limited supply, among other things. As a result some women who become aware of their pregnancies before the six weeks are probably still unable to obtain abortion procedures before this six-week restriction.

Researchers indicated that the work highlights the significance of having the pregnancy tests beforehand, using them early enough, and being quick in taking advantage of pregnancy-related visits immediately. 

Some people won’t find they are pregnant early. 

It is vital to note that there are people that will not find out that they are pregnant until after the sixth week. The study authors indicate that out-of-state travel funds, childcare, and accommodation will be instrumental for such individuals.  

Co-author Alison Norris said there is no medical or public reason for the abortion restriction to six weeks, and it is not something patients want. 

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