Most Dog Owners unaware that their Pets need sunscreen, Study Finds

Summer is here, and most people are enjoying the sun with their dogs, unaware that their furry friends can equally get sunburns and need sunscreen. A recent survey reveals that while most people tend to apply sunscreen to their skin, the majority are unaware that their dog could also benefit from it.

Dog lovers are unaware that dogs need sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun

A poll of 2,000 dog lovers revealed that 46% were unaware that their animal friend requires sun protection. Also, another 55% just weren’t aware that even a dog’s skin could be just as badly damaged by sunburn as it can be for humans. In addition, seven out of ten people acknowledge they are clueless about how much sunblock to apply to a dog.

Few people consistently cover their dogs when they’re outside, and even few people frequently recognize that pets require sunscreen. For instance, 57% of people claim to never put sunscreen on their dog before a stroll. According to scientists, these products frequently contain ingredients that may be dangerous to dogs, but four out of ten people believe wearing human sunblock is OK.’

Where do you apply sunscreen on your dog?

Veterinary research and standards head at Blue Cross, Dr. Anna Ewers Clark, said that furs are natural sun protectors. However, there are certain areas where the dog might not have enough fur, and such areas are the major hotspots dog owners should be keen on.

Also, most dogs’ bellies have little or no fur. Pets with light, extremely thin coats are much more susceptible to sun harm. Many dogs will, by nature, stay out of the sun, although not all dogs. For the dogs that enjoy sunbathing, they pose a significant issue witnessed. Usually, people will enjoy watching their pets put in the sun, but it is vital to note that even if it is not hot, the temperature is not always associated with UV damage.

Using pet-safe sunscreen is the way forward. Young dog lovers seem to know what their dog’s SPF requirements are. 

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