Study Reveals That Taking 8,500 Steps Per Day Helps in Fat Shredding

A study recently revealed that an individual requires a maximum of 8,500 steps daily to reduce the fat gained after a holiday season. The study highlighted that most individuals who have a desk job are significant candidates for weight gain.

The study authors further revealed that the desk job requires an individual to sit down for several hours, hence adding weight. The Medium Report recently published an article stating that the timing was crucial for such exercises.

The study reiterates that one only requires discipline to stay fit and offers various methods for individuals that hate going to the gym or have no time to do so. Because attaining the steps prescribed does not require more time outside and is not a strenuous exercise.

The study authors revealed that sitting behind a desk for long periods contributes to the hazards of one’s health.

The health risks associated with desk jobs

A report published by Wellworks For You Publication revealed that at least 86% of American citizens are employed in organizations that require them to sit for long hours. However, the study authors revealed that health complications factors, including mental and physical health issues, could develop.

Desk duty also contributes to several health complications such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and others. Scientists identified means to reduce these risks, like reducing the blue light from computers that lead to sight complications. The study authors also revealed that other difficulties associated with desk duty include posture problems while using the keyboard. The posture status can lead to issues with the shoulders and neck.

How the 8,500 steps a day reduces weight 

The practice of walking 8500 steps each day develops the body’s resistance to the metabolism of fat deposits in the body. As a result, the body metabolizes fat faster while sitting than when running.

To rid the body of fat, one requires frequent movement, including moving appropriately during the daytime while attaining the 8,500 steps regimen or standing straight for at least an hour a day. In addition, there are various methods of shedding fats, such as the Blue Zone activity, in areas such as Italy and Greece.

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