Has the Pandemic Made More Americans Selfless?

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic keeping most of the world’s population indoors, a new research study has found that the coronavirus might have just been able to bring folks closer together like never seen before. In fact, 64% of the American population say that they’ve been the most selfless In their lives in 2020.

A poll of over 2,000 American citizens found that since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, 41% of the respondents helped a stranger. People are embracing neighborly love like never before. About 38% have helped take out the neighbor’s garbage, while another 31% have taken their neighbor’s dog out for a walk. Around 1/3 of the respondents have even helped shovel out the neighbor’s car at least once.

Helping out in tough times 

This Eyes of Hope study conducted in conjunction with OnePoll was looking to find out how the pandemic has impacted people. The research team found that about 74% believe they were more aware of what other people around them need in 2020. Around 72% of the respondents found that they cared way more about the well-being and health of others during this same period. In addition, a staggering 87% have donated some portion of their salary during these trying times, despite the global economic crash.

Sadly, though, some felt the true wrath of the pandemic. About 3 in 5 people say that they had an incredibly tough financial year. Beyond struggling financially, 65% said that they put off going to see the doctor since the start of the pandemic. They did this because of loss of health insurance, worries that they can get the virus and no money for co-pay. A large number also said that they couldn’t even afford to see the eye doctor.

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