Your Choice of Snack Can Tell A Lot About You

What kind of snacks do you like? As far as savory and sweet is concerned, a new research study has discovered that snack choice can reveal a person’s personality. So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s a high chance you’re a little bit wild.

A survey conducted on 2,000 American citizens found many significant differences in personality between people who prefer savory snacks and people who prefer sweet ones. Among those many differences, people that like sweet snacks are like social butterflies when they snack. On the other hand, Savory snacks tend to be people that like eating them in more leisurely or intimate settings, like while binge-watching Netflix or on dates. People that like sweets snacks are more likely to be enjoying them with friends at the beach. The savory snack lovers are more of the shopping mall kind.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Hickory Farms, researchers also found that savory snackers tend to like documentary series, historical fiction books, and sci-fi movies as far as TV is concerned.

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Respondents with a sweet tooth also have a higher chance of being more adventurous, creative, more organized, and more out there than their counterparts who like savory snacks. Perhaps what’s the most surprising is that both groups change when it comes time for breakfast. Sweet snackers reach for bacon and eggs, while those that like the savory ones go for pancakes and fresh fruit. Hickory Farms’ Chief Marketing Officer, Judy Ransford, said they did not expect to get so many different personalities between the savory and sweet palates. She further stated that she likes to see this because it shows what food gifts people like to buy.  

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