The Average Person Now Says They Feel Seven Years Younger, Why is That?

Americans might’ve just found the fountain of youth. Okay, in their minds, at least. A new study found that most people, on average, feel seven years younger these days. People in the survey said that they only start feeling older when they reach 47 years old. The survey was conducted on 2,000 Americans aged 40 and above. About 77%, or 4 in 5, felt a lot younger than their age. Around 55% of the poll still see the younger version of themselves anytime they’re in front of a mirror. But, over 65% now see that they also need reading glasses. 

Forever Young

About 47% of the respondents didn’t want to admit that they were getting older, and around 35% or over 1/3 of them took offense when they are called old. Moments such as when you grunt when standing up from your seat, squinting at tiny prints, and hearing a familiar old song all make most people feel like their youth is escaping them. 

What makes matters even worse is when these folks come across or see celebrities they don’t know or have never heard of, not joining the Tik Tok craze or having trouble seeing or reading in dimly lit spaces. 

Conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Foster Grant, researchers discovered that over 35 of the older American citizens don’t want to admit that they are getting old because they either do not want to admit that there are a few things that they can’t do anymore or that they are not intent on “looking old.”

And even though reading glasses are somewhat of a sign that one is getting up there in age, not everyone believes it can make someone feel old.  

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