A Study Conducted by One Poll Reveals That Several Pet Owners Lie to Their Pets

Recent research conducted by One Poll revealed that eight out of ten pet owners are guilty of lying to their pets about mandatory routine check-ups or trips to the vet.  The dishonesty made let owners feel they don’t do enough for them.

It highlights how pet owners disguise vet checkups with a trip to the park. The research surveyed 2000 pet owners, revealing that most owners don’t feel like they do enough for their pets.

Ways in which pet owners have lied to their pets

The survey reported that at least 38%  of owners lie to their pets about these trips under the pretense of visits to the park. 43% of the participants are not always honest with their pets when they need to stop playing or walking with them.

Despite the results, research authors highlighted that at least seven out of ten people believe that their pets know they are lying.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Vester, further reported that two-thirds of pet owners admitted that their pet’s reaction to disappointments was enough to let them know that they had done something wrong.

The pet owner Indicated that they observed sure tell signs from their pets whenever they were disappointed, such as giving the cold shoulder and not wanting to be touched, among others.

Pets could also become guilty of deviant behaviors.

As much as pet owners go to considerable lengths to accommodate their pets with activities such as giving extra treats and belly rubs, a fraction of the pet owners cannot get over the guilt they yielded after disappointing their pets.

32% of the target population admitted spending more than $50 to get back to their pet’s good graces. However, the study also revealed that 58% of the pet owners spend too much money on their pet’s health.

According to pet owners, the pets also share guilt for different reasons. The reasons might run from various factors such as breaking things and peeing where they are not supposed to, among others.

Several pet owners think that their pets use the knowledge of their guilt against them and attempt to achieve what they want.

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