Study Shows Americans Do Stretches To Relieve Aches and Pains

OnePoll surveyed on behalf of Massage Envy and found that two in five Americans feel tired after going up a flight of stairs. The survey of 2000 Americans that people felt sore after doing cardio exercises (37%), yard work (38%), and weight training (38%). For this reason, 3 in 5 did not want to exercise.

Soreness could discourage Americans from exercising

The researchers found that 50% of respondents thought exercise was hard work. Another 47% hated the aches that pain after a workout. Moreover, other participants had disabilities or chronic illnesses that made exercising difficult. However, the inactive respondents could only go six days before working out or stretching.

About three in five respondents said they felt sore after a workout if they didn’t perform pre-exercise stretches. Stretching exercises included shoulder rolls (37%) and neck stretches (42%). Participants used exercise balls (28%), yoga mats (33%), and even bath towels (43%) to stretch out.

About 50% of the respondents reported soreness on their back, feet, and legs. These aches would usually push approximately 61% to do more stretches.

According to the CEO of Massage Envy, Beth Stiller, the results show that stretching should be a measure to prevent soreness rather than to treat it. She pointed out that three in five respondents only stretched to relieve aches. However, more people should do it before a workout or even before prolonged periods of sitting to prevent pains and aches.

Americans use DIY methods to reduce aches and pains

While there are other ways, such as pain killers, to reduce soreness, nearly three in five of the participants tried DIY methods. These methods included a massage gun (57%), essential oils (59%), stretching (76%), and cold packs (86%).

In addition, respondents felt they would be willing to try coupling therapy (26%), assisted stretching (31%), and massage therapy (53%) to relieve their soreness.

Stiller states that she is happy people try external remedies to relieve their pain. Furthermore, she is glad that most of them find relief after stretching. Stiller adds that other effective methods include massages and rapid tension relief. Unlike medication, these techniques don’t have side effects like drowsiness and headaches.

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