A Study Reports That the Use of Palm Oil in Manufactured Products Might Be a Cause of Cancer

A versatile ingredient utilized in the manufacturing of most common products is Palm Oil. The component is preferred while manufacturing products in the food processing or beauty industries. However, this common ingredient may also be a cancer stimulant in the human body.

The worldwide cancer research team reported that the component is responsible for altering the DNA of tumors and, in turn, making them more aggressive. The worldwide Cancer team also noted the creation of a drug that reverses the process.

The researchers explain the connection between palm oil and cancer

Obtained from the fruit of palm trees, Palm Oil manufactures natural products such as margarine and certain chocolate spreads. The recent revelations forced regulatory bodies such as European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the World Health Organization to declare it carcinogenic.

The research sheds light on the ingredient’s connection to cancer and the development of adequate preventive measures. While experimenting on mice, scientists found palmitic acid, which promotes deadly skin melanomas and mouth cancers.

The scientists report that this saturated fatty acid is different from Omega 6 and Omega 9 in olive oil, and flaxseeds do not show similar consequences. However, the study authors reiterate that neither these components enhance cancer development in consumers nor raise the risks of cancer-related deaths.

When the ingredient exposes itself to cancer cells, it spreads faster, forming a random genetic memory. The memory results from epigenetic changes that alter how the gene functions. The team published these findings in the Nature journal.

The team hopes to create awareness son how palm oil can impact your health

Prof Aznar Benitah, the co-founder of ONA Therapeutics, a renowned foundation that develops the antibodies to halt the metastasis of cancer cells. The foundation secured funding from private investors and plans to test different illnesses, and the process begins in 2023.

The chief executive officer of Worldwide Cancer Research stated that the discovery of palmitic Acid aids consumers to understand the link between our diet intake and cancer.

The foundation plans on creating awareness on how and what makes, cancer spread and find methods to reduce the number of deaths caused by metastasis

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