Too Much Exposure To Blue Light From Your Smartphone Can Accelerate Aging, Study Finds

If you are someone who spends more time on your smartphone or tablet, here is some news you might not want to hear. According to Oregon State University researchers, the blue light that electronic devices emit could accelerate aging and lead to neurodegeneration. Researchers tested the hypothesis in dragonflies and published findings in the Frontiers in Aging journal. 

Exposure to blue light can cause aging in humans. 

In the study, researchers divided dragonflies into two groups, with one exposed to blue light and the other group to total darkness. Findings indicate that the dragonflies exposed to blue light showed reduced levels of succinate, implying that the dragonflies’ capability to produce energy was affected. In addition, the researchers suggest prolonged exposure to blue light from smartphones may accelerate human aging. 

Study Author Dr. Jadwiga Giebultowicz said blue lights could harm different body cells. Interestingly, Jadwiga said their study found that limiting blue light exposure could be an anti-aging approach. Individuals always on LED screens are likely to get exposed to blue light for most of the time they stay awake. 

Signaling substances in human and dragonfly cells are the same

Considering the signaling substance in human cells and Dragon fly cells are similar, blue light may harm individuals. However, there is a need for additional research to establish the impact of blue light on body cells. 

Giebultowicz agrees that more study is required to determine if similar modifications in metabolites essential in energy production could occur in human body cells in reaction to prolonged blue light exposure.

Although the study’s findings may cause smartphone users or readers uneasy, some things to remember regarding the study’s methodology.

The light the researchers exposed the flies to was significantly more intense than a typical smartphone emitting blue light. In addition, they subjected the flies to two weeks of continuous blue light instead of a few hours per day in humans.

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