Mouth Tapping Can Help Sleep-Deprived Individuals Improve Their Sleeping

There are viral videos on Tiktok where individuals put tape on their mouths, believing they will enjoy uninterrupted sleep, among other benefits. Mouth tapping seems a trend that people in the clips claim is advantageous for sleep-deprived people and provides better oral hygiene and breathing patterns. But there are concerns about whether it helps reduce sleep deprivation.

Mouth tapping is widespread among Tiktokers but could be risky 

Mouth tapping helps reduce sleep-related problems, but there could be some risks. The practice requires one to put tape on the mouth before sleeping. In the TikTok clips, users use scotch tape. However, it is not advisable to use scotch tape because it risks damaging the skin around the lips since it is thin.

The Sleep Foundation warns that before someone engages in mouth tapping, they need to consult an expert to ascertain medical benefits related to this trend. Sleep expert Michael Breus told VERIFY that the trend isn’t new and has been in for over five years. According to Breus, shutting the mouth prompts someone to breathe through the nose as it should. 

However, the practice isn’t for everybody, especially those with sleep apnea. This sleep disorder remains undiagnosed in 90% of individuals with the disorder. It is a serious sleep disorder characterized by several pauses or stops in breathing when someone is asleep. Notably, the condition reduces the body’s levels of oxygen which can impact general health. 

Apply tape vertically for enhanced oxygen circulation

Dr. Breus suggested using airflow-permitting, porous mouth tapes and indicated that for enhanced oxygen circulation, the tape must be applied laterally and at the middle of your mouth. He continued by saying that when your mouth is closed, it allows adequate moisturization, and the dehydration that could influence the saliva glands would be minimized, which will end the snoring.

He advised trying physical and deep breathing, cutting back on coffee intake, plus decongesting with a salt solution before night if taping doesn’t work. 

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