Three Easy Exercises To Help You Build Your Balance

The right balance is necessary if you want to live a healthy life. Having a physical balance is important in performing daily activities. Although you may squeeze some exercises occasionally in a week, these exercises don’t comprise the workout list to create a balance. Maintaining a balance is a complex task that requires coordinated action for the body.

Standing on one foot is a way of building balance, falling in what is called static balance. It improves your balance when you are standing still. However, a good balance workout needs dynamic exercises seeking to build balance. Here are three simple exercises you can practice to build your balance.

Tandem standing 

The start position is to stand straight with your feet apart and weight evenly distributed on both feet. You should then hold your arms sideways and brace your abdominal muscles. Hold in the position for 5 to 30 seconds. You should then place the left foot in the front of the right foot toe to eel and squeeze the inner thighs. Next, lift the arms to the sides at shoulder levels and maintain balance.

Have a spot to focus on as you tighten abdominal muscles, inner thighs, and buttocks to assist in balancing. For example, you could be in the position for 60 minutes by closing your eyes.


With this position, you need to stand up straight with your feet together and weight distributed evenly with arms on the sides. Take a step to the right with the right foot and cross it in front to the left and step out again with your right foot and cross behalf then left. You can continue braiding for ten steps to the rights and bring the feet together. Hold steady. You can now do braiding to the left side to complete one set.

Rock Step

This requires you to start with your feet together and lifts your arms to each side. Then step forward with your left foot, lift your right knee, and hold. Now step back with the right foot and lift the knee up. It will complete the one rep and finish ten reps on each side.

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