Here Is What You Should Do If You Want To Become a Vegan

Veganism is not anything new, but the dynamic has changed in recent years, with frozen vegan burgers and meats making their way into shelves of grocery stores. However, according to Professor Eric Rimm of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, becoming vegan is not an easy task. The most critical aspect of going vegan is understanding how to make wise nutrition decisions. 

Understand your motivation to become vegan

The greater and more personalized your reason for making a change, the higher the chances of you remaining with it. There could be a moral and emotional component to becoming a vegan when it comes to the environment and animal welfare. Such things are important to you, and you will not wear, use, or eat animal products since you believe they are inhumane. It’ll almost certainly push you to go all-in right away, and your profound conviction and commitment to a greater purpose won’t necessarily make giving up particular meals feel like such a loss.

If your goal is to be healthy, then eliminating dairy and animal products will mean you reduce saturated fats and sodium, which can be instrumental in reducing weight. Being vegan is about how to eat, and there are no deadlines, so you can do so at your pace. It is overwhelming to give up loved foods at once, but you can start it gradually, like giving up meat and then chicken until you become vegan. 

Expect pitfalls 

Rimms added that preparation is crucial when you want to try a new eating plan. Find interesting vegan dishes on websites, in cookbooks, or arrange a food delivery service, and plan two weeks of food ahead of time so that deciding what to eat doesn’t turn into a daily scramble.

It is vital to note that you need to be aware of what you are replacing them with as much as you are giving up animal products. You should consider whole foods and avoid refined products to avoid blood sugar spiking. 

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