The Study shows that the Average Person Spends Ten Years Of Their Life on Autopilot

Sometimes you may feel like your days are the same as years go by. According to a new study, you aren’t alone, which shows that the average person spends almost ten years of their lifetime on “autopilot”, doing the same stuff every day. 

People drift around 5 hours daily without thinking of their actions 

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that people often drift through almost five hours a day without actual thoughts of their actions. This is equivalent to 1,396 hours yearly, 27 hours per week and almost four hours daily carrying the same tasks. 

Additionally, almost 64% of the respondents indicate that their everyday routine hardly changes. Top of the list of routines that don’t change include showering or getting dressed at the same time daily and taking breakfast. 

However, 79% of the people who believe they are “locked in a rut” of monotonous activities believe this prevents them from accomplishing their objectives. Trying a new trade or craft, touring the world, and beginning a new job is among the most popular activities participants stated they’d want to accomplish.

The top five goals that individuals are preventing themselves from reaching are learning a musical instrument, beginning to invest, and other daily responsibilities.

The NatWest bank commissioned survey found that 51% of the respondents procrastinate rather than take actions they should complete. Some of the aspects people procrastinate include food shopping, going on dates and managing finances. Six in ten people have purchased a self-help book but never finished it without some note, even finishing the first chapter. 

People are not proactive about financial management 

Interestingly half of the surveyed people say they want to be proactive in managing their finances.

NatWest CEO Alison Rose said together with businessman Stephen Bartlett they created a series of videos that includes segments on goal setting to encourage individuals to take action. Every individual has different obstacles and challenges in life. Rose said they expect Stephen’s story to inspire people to set and work towards their goals.

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