Men Stuck in A Rut In Their Wardrobes As Trends Change, Study Shows

When it comes to dressing, men don’t seem to care much, according to a recent study. The survey of 1000 men working in an office found that 52% of men tend to repeat an outfit each week with an average of around five different outfits in their change.

Men admit to having challenges dressing up as trends continue to change 

Even if they aren’t experiencing the “walk of shame,” 21% of people wear the same shirt thrice a week. One in ten people dresses the same way four days per week. In light of this, participants acknowledge that they only use around 41% of their whole wardrobe. 

According to a study, four out of ten men don’t feel comfortable about their present wardrobe. However, as 40% of people feel more comfortable when they don their favourite apparel, another 29% believe that changing their fashion would boost their confidence.

Male professional clothing trends have recently changed, moving away from a simple tie and suit and toward more fashionable clothes that work for various settings, according to 53% of those surveyed. Interestingly, 48% of people search for clothing when shopping for new outfits they can wear for various occasions.

Evolving dress code presents challenges to men.

Surprisingly, 28% of men indicate that they struggle to dress properly for different events and around 33% state they need around three go-to tops in their collection. About 23% of the respondents indicated that they prefer comfortable and airy clothes, while 22% preferred clothes they can easily clean.

The spokesperson of Charles Tyrwhitt, the company that commissioned the survey, said that in the past, men used to depend on a tie and shirt outfit for most occasions. However, this has changed nowadays with new styles fitting different occasions like regular work, business meetings, or even working from home. Therefore, it is no surprise that men are stuck in a rut in their wardrobes, with new dressing codes presenting new challenges.

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