The Future of the Fitness Industry

As more people across the globe get the vaccine shots, the prospect of things going back to as they once were is growing. However, what’s also growing is how many new cases are being recorded daily and how quickly the Covid 19 variants are spreading.

Consequently, many folks are still very cautious about putting on their masks, where they go, and who they come in contact with. It’s still a lot safer to gather outdoors rather than in. This isn’t something most gyms want to hear. However, the gym doesn’t dictate your fitness levels.

The truth is, the coronavirus has completely transformed the way people in America keep fit.

The Changing Business

The Covid-19 pandemic completely shook up the fitness industry. Like most businesses, gyms got shut down. Even groups that were exercising outdoors were frowned upon. Like everything else, exercise had to be done in the confines of the home.

Working out at home isn’t a new thing, though. Informercials for workout equipment and products ranging from multi-exercise gym machines to makeshift pull-up bars have been played on TV for decades now. The iPad itself helped transform fitness. And then the pandemic happened.

Now, people can use the same video-streaming systems used in school and at the office to train live or live stream workout classes. 1WRKOUT’s owner and co-founder, Nick Hounslow, how Covid-19 would affect his gym business, so he decided to go online with his classes. He realized that he could do most of the things he does over video. Hounslow said that live gym trainers offer accountability because they’ve been paid.

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