The Average American Has Not Left Their Home State In Almost 4 Years Yet Everyone In America Seems Eager To Travel

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut sometimes? A recent study has found that about 90% of the population desperately needs to go on vacation, even if it means just crossing state borders. The truth is, the average American citizen hasn’t crossed over their home state border in almost 4 years.

The new survey that reported this also found that 67% of the respondents believe that there’s still a lot they haven’t seen in their own home state. A poll was taken of about 2000 Americans who’ve taken a road trip before in their lives, and it was found that most of them decided to travel in-state because of Covid. 50% of the respondents claimed that they had a lot more time to really see what their own home state had to offer.

Americans feel safest when at home. 

Less than 10% of the people on the poll said they had crossed their home state border in the last twelve months. The reason for this is because over half of the people on the poll said they prefer in-state travel because of the different safety restrictions and guidelines that were implemented across states. This Visit Anaheim poll which was conducted in conjunction with OnePoll had researchers analyze in-state travel. However, they also looked at road trips and asked the respondents what their ideal road trip would look like.

With its mountains, beaches, and everything else in between, the best road trip state was California, with 38% of the respondents voting for it. Second on the list, with the Grand Canyon and its red rocks, was Arizona with 29%. As for the best time to hit the road, Americans say the month of June followed by May.

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