Study Shows That More Americans Will Visit Their Loved Ones During the Holidays

A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Motel 6 has found that Americans are using the holiday to meet their families and friends. The study of 2000 Americans found that 3 in 5 will be visiting their loved ones.

The researchers found that 32% of the respondents will spend their time at home in 2020. However, 82% were now looking forward to spending time with their families and friends. The respondents were excited to be with their extended families (42%), parents (45%), and siblings (46%).

Americans will be traveling to see their loved ones 

The study discovered that Americans would travel an average of 600 miles between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Moreover, seven in ten would travel in a car. About two-thirds of the respondents were traveling with their immediate families. Another 38% would take their pets with them. Nearly two in three were hoping for a more relaxing experience than 2020.

About 36% of the respondents planned to travel with their extended families, while 34% would travel with friends. In addition, 50% of the participants stated that they would stay in rentals or motels.

According to the CEO of G6 Hospitality, Rob Palleschi, the company is excited to see that more Americans are traveling again. He adds that people traveling could book a reservation with Motel 6 at a reasonable rate.

Americans plan to incorporate new traditions with old ones

The participants were excited to partake in classic holiday traditions. These traditions include giving to a non-profit organization (26%), decorating (43%), watching movies (50%), and baking cookies (51%).

Last year, some respondents had to add new holiday traditions in 2020. About 88% plan to apply these traditions this year. One such activity is making zoom calls with their families (35%).

Motel 6 carried out a different holiday survey that looked into the new traditions Americans incorporated. These included making family members stop using their devices (40%), hosting video meals (43%), and leaving presents at their loved one’s doorsteps.

While 63% had planned to spend the holiday with their families, about 59% could only do so virtually. About 65% thought traveling would be more stressful because of the pandemic. Fortunately, many respondents would spend the holidays with their families this year.

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