Study Shows That Americans Use Their Smartphones in Inappropriate Settings

Soltiaired conducted a poll of 1100 Americans that showed how participants would take their phones with them almost everywhere. The participants would take out their smartphones even in in-app settings such as work meetings and weddings.

Moreover, researchers found that people use their smartphones when they get bored. Americans would also use their phones while in the middle of another form of entertainment. For example, 99% of the respondents would use their phones as they watched television. About 78% would use them while at a concert.

Americans use their phones in the wrong settings

The participants admitted to using their cell phones in dangerous situations. For instance, 88% browsed their phones while on the sidewalk. Another 73% would use their phones as they walked their dogs. Other dangerous examples include crossing the road (42%) and skating or biking (33%). As a result, 44% had accidents such as falling while on their phones.

Some respondents would use their phones in places not allowed, such as places of worship (60%). Another there in ten had used their phones during a funeral.

The researchers tried to find out why Americans used their phones so much. About 86% admitted that it helped them avoid conversation. Approximately 6 in 10 had pulled out their phones to avoid speaking to their relatives during a family event. About 91% said they were bored during conversations.

When Americans pulled out their phones, they would use Reddit, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. About 90% of the participants would use their smartphones on the toilet.

About 3 in 4 of the participants would spend more time than they need in the bathroom due to a distraction on their phones. Another 53% would start to feel numb after some time.

Using phones could affect their relationships

The researchers also found that smartphone use affected the relationships of many Americans. They found that some respondents would forget their friends or significant others due to their phones. Furthermore, mothers were three times as likely to ignore their children for their phones than fathers.

One in three participants had been distracted by their phones while having sex. Another 4 in 10 admitted to checking their phones immediately after sex.

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