Study Shows That Americans Think Living a Healthy Lifestyle is Expensive

A study conducted by One Poll on behalf of Naturade found that Americans considered it expensive to live a healthy life. The survey of 2005 Americans found that 6 in 10 thought being healthy is costly.

About 59% of the participants thought that the expenses incurred in health and wellness stopped them from living a more healthy lifestyle. The majority of people living in cities (68%) held this opinion.

Americans have priorities for living a healthy lifestyle

The researchers also asked respondents about their most important priorities in health and wellness. They found that about 65% paid attention to their mental health while the same number focused on living in a safe environment. Another 61% thought a good relationship with family and friends was critical.

About 59% of the study participants said they exercised over three times a week. Another 50% considered a healthy diet a priority. However, only 22% know a grocery that has cheap and fresh produce close to their homes. About 79% said the nearest grocery store was a long-distance away.

Because of the distance from a grocery store, most participants ate fast food up to three times a week. However, 24% would have fast food five or more times. They indulged in fast food despite most of them (80%) having or knowing someone who had a disease such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes, which doctors attributed to their health.

According to the co-founder and CMO of Naturade, Kareem Cook, most people know the impact of a poor diet and might have seen it in their families.

More Americans are making lifestyle changes

About 70% of the participants who had or knew someone with a lifestyle disease admitted that the diagnosis made them want to live a healthier life. They made lifestyle changes such as walking more frequently (45%), taking multivitamins (52%), and eating fresh food (67%).

The CEO and co-founder of Naturade, Claude Tellis, adds that more Americans improve their health and wellness. Another step people could take to ensure they make long-term changes is beginning their day with something tasty and filling. A high-protein shake is a way of providing the body with a diabetic-friendly and high-glycemic product.

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