Study Shows That Adults Often Feel Nostalgic About Their Childhood Vacations

A study commissioned by Apple Vacations and conducted by One Poll gathered 2001 Americans to ask about their attitudes on vacationing. Researchers found that the participants most looked forward to staying in hotels (36%) and sightseeing (38%) when going on vacation. They also considered planning for the trip (37%) and packing (47%) to be the least fun.

Adults feel nostalgic about their childhood vacations

About 50% of the study participants felt nostalgic about their childhood vacations. Another 4 in 10 do not find vacationing as fun as they did when they were children. Adults found it more stressful as they had to plan for the trip (36%) and pay for it (51%).

About 50% of the participants thought that they would always feel excited about vacations. In addition, 54% used holidays to relive childhood memories. Things that triggered nostalgia included smelling beach air (53%), eating ice cream(50%), hot dogs (27%), and funnel cake (23%).

Parents want to give their children good vacations

About 80% of parents in the study who had fond memories of their childhood vacations planned to keep the tradition to help them bond with their children.

According to the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at RIU Hotels and Resort, Armin Kaestner, it is now more important than ever for families to take vacations. Vacations allow families to make new memories and relive old ones.

When researchers asked the parents the activities they would like their children to try while on vacation, they listed going to a water park (29%), jet skiing and surfing (32%), and swimming (35%). Other parents would like to attend a concert (24%) while others would like fishing with their children (28%).

Around 49% have gone on disappointing vacations. Another 52% think trips are more fun if they have children around, with 59% admitting they would endure a bad day if their children are having fun. However, the average participant lost patience after facing unexpected circumstances for four days.

The G.M and Executive Vice President of Apple Vacations, Michael Lowery, adds that vacations help people spice up their lives. It can also present an opportunity to bond with friends and family.

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