Study Shows Many Generation Z Adults Don’t Know The Significance Of July 4 Holiday

Although Independence Day might be associated with summer, a recent survey reveals that many Americans need to return to school! In addition, it appears that a third of Americans cannot correctly spell the word “independence,” yet many fewer are aware of the significance of the Fourth of July.

Almost 30% of Americans don’t know how to spell independence 

More specifically, the poll of 1,030 individuals revealed that more than one-third misspelled independence. According to experts, web searches for “how to spell independence” soared by 85% around the July 4 holiday.

The common way Americans misspell the word in the American lexicon is through the use of “a” instead of “e” as “independence.” However, according to the survey, spelling is not the only aspect giving Americans trouble on July 4. Most respondents didn’t know why the holiday was celebrated. 

The signing of the Declaration of Independence, which signaled the country’s emancipation from British domination and was celebrated on July 4, 1776, is remembered on this day, as most students in elementary school could tell. Yet, according to the poll, two out of three Gen Z Americans are unaware from whom America got its independence.

One-third of Gen Zers believe that the Fourth of July commemorates America’s freedom from the Native Americans!

Almost 60% of Americans know America got independence from Britain 

At least 58 percent of respondents properly identified Great Britain as the source of America’s independence. Nearly 8% responded, “Europe.” South America was selected by more than 8% of respondents, and none of those mentioned above was selected by over 12%. These individuals could believe that the action movie “Independence Day” is a documentary.

There’s still awful American trivia. For example, numerous survey respondents said they needed a refresher on the US  flag.

One in ten responders was unsure of the number of stripes on the US flag. While the colors white, red, and blue might be simple to recall, the research reveals that the majority of Americans believe the flag has 14 stripes rather than the 13 that represent the first 13 colonies.

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