Around Two-Thirds of Americans Indicate Worse Part Of Shopping is Returning An Item

According to two-thirds of Americans, enduring a return item queue is one of the worst aspects of their shopping experience. Out of 2,000 American surveyed adults, 67% of the subjects detest the process of returning a product to their retailer. 

More than half (58%) stated that they might be prepared to “almost” do everything to prevent returning the products they purchased.

Guilt upon return

Around 43% of the people said that returning something personally was much worse than just doing it online. On the other hand, only 29% of people believe that returning products online is much more challenging. This could be because the most annoying aspects of online returns include paying for delivery (42%), having an item misplaced in transit (39%), and going to the postal service (37%).

The requirement to locate the manager (32%), travel to the store (32%), and experience an escalated scenario from the individual ahead of them (39%) are the aspects of individual returns that people dislike the most. As a result, most respondents (52%), who no longer have to cope with the return procedure, have shifted the way they purchase.

Slickdeals ordered the Survey 

The poll, ordered by Slickdeals and carried out by OnePoll, also shows the leading items consumers believe must be returned and items that aren’t worth the effort of a return. The top products that can be returned include non-consumable items such as phones (38%), apparel (38%), and TVs (37%). On the other hand, intimates (25%) and food (25%), as well as clothing accessories (24%), aren’t thought to be worthwhile by consumers.

Around 48% of the respondents said they didn’t mind returning a product in its original box if they intended to return it. Computers (35%), home improvement items (27%), TVs (29%),  headphones (27%), and furniture (26%) are the most difficult products to return in their original packing.

The survey also reveals that rather than returning items they have purchased, consumers would prefer to give them away (50%), retain them as a spare (36%), or sell them (29%).

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