Study Reveals That Several Women Undergo Severe Cases of Sexism in Employment

A recent study conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with SurePayroll revealed that several women changed their form of careers due to an unbearable amount of sexism. The women recalled occasions when they suffered harassment or unfair treatment based on their gender. Study authors revealed that most women changed or thought of changing the line of careers due to this issue.

The study highlighted other factors, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and wage discrimination. However, the study also discovered certain instances of discrimination among the female gender; these circumstances occur when women in an organisation target other women for various selfish reasons.

Respondents reported difficulty in progressing in their careers

The survey focused on 2,005 Respondents who contributed to the 62% who admitted that they had encountered gender bias in the office. At least 36% of the respondents believe that they lost a job opportunity favouring the male gender. A few respondents realised that certain male employees received a bigger paycheck even though they shared similar positions.

Some of the respondents revealed that at some point, they assumed that their gender was the reason why their careers were stagnant. Seven in ten women agreed that the female gender has a chance to advocate for their rights in the office. However, they disclaimed that it was difficult for female employees to rise in their career lines.

Steps that employers can take to ensure women’s rights protection in the workplace

The Respondents issued the study authors with several recommendations recommended in the workplace. These recommendations included developing a comfortable office environment by offering equal wages to all genders. 82% of the Respondents believed that providing female mentors for those at work would be a proper place to begin.

Several Respondents also believe that women working in senior positions should mentor and fight for equal rights for the women subordinate to them. A few of the Respondents named influential celebrities as mentors.

The list ranged from celebrities like Lady Gaga to activists like Malala Youfsafzai.  The mentorship serves the requirement of women facing particular challenges together, thus empowering each other as they rise in their careers.

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