Study Finds That 40 Pushups in One Setting Reduces a Middle-Aged Man’s Chances of Getting Heart Disease

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health recently conducted research that revealed that men who do a minimum of 40 pushups in a single trial reduce their levels of heart disease in the following ten years. The study authors revealed that a method of reducing heart illnesses in the male gender is by carrying out more than 40 pushups in a single attempt each day. 

The study reported that 96% of middle-aged men who do at least 40 pushups in one try could lower their chances of contracting heart illnesses. The findings also revealed that men who couldn’t do at least ten pushups were more likely to develop heart disease.

How the study authors conducted their research 

The study authors focused on 1,104 energetic men. They analysed their health records from 2002 to 2010. The team carried out physical tests on Respondents by carrying out pushups and running on the treadmill. These respondents were at an estimated 28.7 body mass index and were approximately 40 years old. 

At the point of terminating the study, approximately 37 respondents died of heart-related illnesses, while 36 of those alive could not execute more than 40 pushups in a single attempt. 

Unfortunately, the study authors also revealed that the treadmill exercises were not precise in determining whether they could also reduce the chances of heart illnesses.  

The study authors’ findings and recommendations on the study

Justin Yang, one of the leading authors, stated that the study’s mission was to offer sufficient evidence that offers cheaper methods to examine certain heart illnesses at any moment. The pushup tests were a more severe potential for heart illnesses than the statistics obtained from the treadmill. 

 Yang further reiterated that the survey results were based on the experiments carried out on men and that it wouldn’t necessarily have the same effect on women. The authors also reiterated that they conducted on men of a specific age and that the effects will differ in other age groups. The form of occupation also comes into question as the men tested were physically fit firefighters who were easy to train. 

This study gives men an easy and accessible method to improve their health.

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