Study Reveals That Pet Owners Are Criticized for the Names They Give Their Pets

A recent study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Pupbox revealed that several people criticise others based on what they name their pets. The study authors recruited several participants who owned pets and enquired about their journey while naming their companions. 

The answers given by the participants revealed that pets were named; as a result of certain circumstances or celebrities. The authors also focused on individuals who owned more than two pets and inquired what methods they utilised to minimise the confusion.

People should give their pets names they can say in public

The authors focused on a target population of 2005 participants. According to Ariel Zvaflier, choosing a name for an individual’s companion can be an enjoyable process. Zvaflier further states that individuals should give their pets names that they wouldn’t mind hearing or saying in public.

During the study, the authors discovered various methods individuals used when naming their pets. The name choosing procedure entailed size, sex, and personality, among others. 85% of the participants admitted that they often lose their pets’ names due to the number of nicknames they give them.

Most owners say that it takes at least two weeks to train their pets on how to answer when they are called. However, during the study, 55% of the participants admitted using a longer period to train their pets to get used to their names. 

Pet owners should ensure their pets enjoy the training process

During the study’s publication, Zvaflier advised pet owners on how to welcome a new pet into the family. She emphasised the crucial aspects of training that include using the reward system and engaging in various activities with the new member.

Other methods to ensure that the pet, that is, a puppy, enjoys the training include placing fun activities. These activities can range from playing games to using suitable methods that encourage the pet to do better. 

The study advises that owners enrol their pets in training sessions. This will, in turn, make it easy and quicken the training process. If an owner prefers to train their pet at home, they can search and apply various methods and ideas to train their pets.

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