Study reveals That Delivery Drivers Do Eat Customer’s Food

If you are getting takeaway, consider picking that up on your own, as a new study has revealed things you won’t want to hear. A recent survey reveals that eight out of ten food delivery employees confess to eating some of their customers’ orders!

Drivers tamper with food deliveries. 

According to a survey conducted by Circuit Route Planner of over 500 delivery people, stealing a client’s fries or getting dirty hands on someone else’s chicken might not have been the most repulsive thing that happens on the way to your door. Around a quarter of drivers admit to having a sexual encounter while driving. One in ten people urinated on or near a client’s house!

Another 10% of delivery personnel report having to urinate in a glass while on the job. And over a quarter (27%) admit that they’ve engaged in a few “less-than-professional” exchanges with customers.

Other practices admitted by drivers that are certain to enrage customers include stealing items (17%), purposely destroying packages (23%), and breaking and then repacking packages (17%).

Why is there such nasty behavior?

Even though they might not be angels, the poll reveals that many delivery drivers have every reason to be unhappy. In addition, researchers discovered that many clients fail to show these employees any respect or civility.

In fact, almost three-quarters (73%) of delivery drivers claim that their customers’ poor tipping is the main reason why they don’t like them. Additionally, 3 out of 10 customers claim that individuals who use products like Instacart are “tip baiting.” A practice known as tip baiting involves clients placing an order online, entering a tip amount (often a large one), and then zeroing it out once the food has been delivered.

Drivers say that they evaluate consumers based on the goods they request to be delivered. Respondents said they receive weird orders, with one recounting having had to deliver a 12-foot Christmas tree in March. Some consumers have ordered sex lubricants and condoms for delivery, maybe in an effort to avoid shame in the store.

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