New Report Warns Growing Number of Children at Risk of Suicide through Poisoning

According to a recent study, poisoned suicide attempts among kids aged between 6 and 19 are sharply increasing. The increase in attempts between 2015 and 2020 was 26.7%, underscoring the young mental health issue.

Increasing suicide and fatalities in children

Suicide attempts and fatalities were among the reported cases to the National Poison Data System. Close to 75 248 alleged poisoning suicides were reported in 2015. This number increased to 93,532 in 2020. However, even though there were more suicides that were suspected, fewer people called American poison control centers.

According to data, girls account for 77% of instances. In addition, all age categories of children exhibited increases in suspected suicides by self-injury, but shockingly, there would be a 109.3% rise in children aged between 10 and 12.

Blur Ridge Poison Center medical director and University of Virginia School of Medicine Chief of the Medical Toxicology Division Dr. Christopher Holstege asserted in a press release that the rise in young kids trying to commit suicide through acute overdose prompted his research team to conduct this study. Holstege said they were concerned about the institution’s figures. They decided to investigate the national data, which showed that this growth was a nationwide problem rather than just a local one.

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen overdose are the most popular ways kids injure themselves 

The two most popular ways for kids to self-injure were acetaminophen and ibuprofen overdose. Both types of painkillers are sold over-the-counter, making it more likely that kids will have quick access to them. Of these, 14,916 self-poisoning incidents left kids with life-threatening signs or permanent disabilities, resulting in 276 fatalities.

The study authors indicated that the data demonstrates growing cases of self-poisoning in pediatric groups between 6  and 19 years, implying that the pediatric mental health crisis is extending and worsening in younger populations. 

There is an urgent demand for pediatric mental health care, as seen by the frightening increase of poison suicide attempts. Dr. Holstege said there is a need to be watchful for the warning indicators connected with suicidal behavior in children.

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