Study Looks Into Challenges Parents Face When Raising Their Newborns

OnePoll conducted a survey for CeraVe that looked into the challenges parents faced while raising their children. The poll of 2000 American parents with children below two found that they worried about their children an average of 2153 times in their first year of life. The parents would worry about them six times a day. Approximately 62% considered the impact of their actions on the future of their children.

The study also found that parents could spend more than 1600 hours carrying their newborns in their first year. They could also make 67 calls to health experts, 56 to their parents and had 77 sleepless nights. Moreover, they made 2000 Google searchers in the year.

Things parents worried about

About 43% of parents Googled how to care for their babies’ skin conditions. Another 43% searched for the skin products or brands that experts recommended for children. Other parents googled why their children didn’t sleep at night (37%), why their babies cried (38%), and questions on feeding (40%).

About 38% of the parents admitted they didn’t know about the things involved in looking after their children. For this reason, 71% didn’t think they would have made it through without assistance from parenting experts.

Some of the experts parents wish they had access to include sleep midwives (37%), consultants (37%), paediatricians (36%), and dermatologists (39%). The parents also made time for the children’s self-care. This included activities like talking to their babies (38%), feeding them (38%), holding them (39%), and applying lotion on their skin (42%).

The parents also enjoyed seeing their babies develop. Among the things they enjoyed the most were seeing them playing with toys (34%) and laughing or smiling (36%). Furthermore, they enjoyed taking baby pictures (38%).

Challenges parents faced 

Parents still face many challenges while looking after their newborns. For example, they felt they had trouble addressing some problems (44%). Another 45% didn’t think they spent enough time with their babies.

Other problems that the children experienced did not know the best products for their children  (29%), facing anxiety over health issues (25%), and not knowing how to take care of their skin (26%).

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