Americans Believe the Shift to Electric Vehicles Is Imminent

OnePoll conducted a study on behalf of Solvay to determine what Americans thought about technological advancement. The survey of 2000 Americans found that respondents believed that 2 in 3 Americans believe their takeout will be delivered by drone by 2027.

About 62% of the respondents also believed all cars would be electric by 2030. Another 76% think technological advancements have gone beyond what they expected in their lifetime.

Most respondents expected life to resemble their favourite childhood futuristic movies by the time they were adults (65%). However, 70% now think these inventions are unrealistic. They include jet packs and flying cars.

 Inventions Americans are expecting 

Despite this, there are inventions that respondents believe are possible such as a transatlantic tunnel, autonomous aeroplanes, hyperloop travel, and space tours. Another 56% thought they would enjoy trips to space if given the opportunity. About 44% thought they were educated on the latest technologies. However, 62% were more interested in the science involved in making the inventions.

About 68% of the respondents thought they would soon buy an electric vehicle. This didn’t just include cars (54%) but also bikes (43%). Approximately 80% of participants believed that increasing fuel prices would promote the shift to electric vehicles. Another 68% considered electric cars as they wanted to make more sustainable decisions.

Electric vehicles are becoming a suitable option

Other factors that made the respondents believe the shift to electric vehicles was imminent include decreasing charging time (37%), increasing charging stations (40%), and lowering repair costs (47%). About two in three Americans are worried about how transportation affects climate change. Another 62% thoughts things were taking a turn for the better.

About 68% were impressed by the improvement of vehicles in recent years. Another 63% stated they would prefer public transport to driving their cars if the option was environmentally friendly.  However, 74% put more emphasis on having a fast means of transportation. They also valued proximity to their destination (42%) and convenience (42%).

It has become crucial to have environmentally friendly options for transport. This will be achieved through technological advancements and studying the effects of these advancements on the environment in the long term.

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