Study Finds 56% Of Americans Are Unaware of Tax Day Deadline

Another Tax Day has here, and according to a recent survey, many Americans are STILL delaying their 2021 filing. In actuality, 33% of taxpayers put off filing their yearly taxes until the last minute. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals struggle with that since 56% of Americans are unaware of the deadline!

32% of Americans put off filing taxes since they don’t receive returns 

A poll conducted by IPX 1031 of over 1,100 respondents found that 33% put off filing their taxes since they don’t anticipate receiving a return. One in four people claims they wait until the very last minute since this procedure is simply too difficult and distressing. For individuals who are still unaware, Tax Day is April 18, 2022.

Young taxpayers in the country are also more inclined to put off paying their taxes each year, according to researchers. Despite having the largest median refunds of any group, Americans in their twenties are the most inclined to file taxes in a last-minute rush. Overall, the poll discovered that 25% of respondents would receive a lower return this year compared to 2021.

Nevada residents love the last-minute rush

Nevadans are the new lords of procrastinating about how long Americans delay filing their taxes. However, the research reveals that Nevadans, who are known for being Las Vegas’s home, also enjoy wagering on filing their taxes properly. With more Internet searches about the Tax Day deadlines than any state in the country, Nevada rose three slots from fourth place in 2021.

Regarding the percentage of Americans who file their taxes obligation on time, Iowa (50th) remains to have the fewest late filers nationwide. Michigan (48th) and Wisconsin (49th) were close behind.

Talking of Las Vegas, the study found that the city continues to have the highest percentage of Americans who file their taxes at the last moment. According to the data, for every 100,000 residents in the city, there are over 1,300 Tax Day internet searches. The top four are Denver, Baltimore, and Seattle, and they all had an average of more than 1,100 Tax Day deadlines on Google searches.

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