New Study Reveals That Over 50% of Americans Don’t Check Expiry Date Of Products In Their Medicine Cabinet

According to a recent poll, the average American opens their medication cupboard 468 times yearly. Per a survey of 2,000 participants, there are typically 15 items in a medical cabinet. But over three out of every four (74%) participants agree that they frequently forget to renew their outdated products.

Most Americans rarely restock their medicine cabinet

The poll, which OnePoll performed at the request of Walgreens, also reveals that 64% of participants put these products in the rear of their medicine cabinet and promptly forgot to buy them. While 55% of people normally never even consider looking up the expiry dates of these items.

Well, over half (57%) of respondents claim to have products in their medicine cabinet that is just kept for visitors, and they’d never use them themselves. Furthermore, millennials (37%) are more likely than Gen X (32%) and baby boomers (both 6%) to open their medication closets over ten times each week (25%).

What’s in the medicine cabinets in America?

Painkillers (55 %), dressings and first aid supplies (49%), and cold and flu medications are the main products that most people always have on hand in their medical cabinets (49%). Gen Z participants placed a high priority on dental and sun care products (54%), whereas most millennials (49%) and Gen Xers (59%) prioritized painkillers.

As two-thirds (67%) of those surveyed report customizing their medication cabinets every season by switching out cough and cold remedies for sun care items, product preferences vary not just by generation and even by season.

Additionally, 65% have recently stocked up more on goods that improve their immunity and health. The top choices were multivitamins (47%), vitamin E (50%), and vitamin C (44% ).

According to Andrea Collaro, senior director of Walgreens’ health and wellness-owned brands, the data confirms the rising trend of using vitamins, minerals, and supplements to assist attain your wellness goals. He advises that the local pharmacist will assist users in locating supplements and other product categories like allergy and pain medication.

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