Polls Reveal that Modern Parents Want to Approach the Period Talk Differently

Being a parent is quite a feat. It is even harder to be a modern parent to a teenager. Having serious and sensitive talks that involve sexual health is probably the most frowned upon duty by parents of the modern teenager.

Out with the old

According to a new poll, however, many modern parents are rising to the occasion and not leaving their teens in the unforgiving hands of the internet. These parents are taking a different approach towards having the ‘period talk’ with their kids than the ones used on them by their parents.

OnePoll conducted the poll in association with DivaCup on 2000 parents of 5 to 18-year-old school-going children. It aimed to determine if the modern parent was using traditional approaches to the period talk.

According to the poll, 71% of these parents use a different approach towards the period talk from the one used by their parents. Three-quarters of the parents are also having more regular conversations on the topic with their kids in comparison to when they were young.

Celebrating the kids’ achievements

Close to 80% of parents also said they are more involved in their children’s transition through puberty compared to their own parents. Surprisingly, over half of the participating parents celebrate their children’s milestones, something their parents never did.

Many parents (66%) thoroughly discuss this tough subject with their kids while educating them on using various products and giving them a few menstrual care methods to choose from. An even higher number (78%) would like their kids to have better menstrual healthcare than they did themselves when they were their children’s age.

Carinne Chambers, Founder and CEO of Diva International, observes that times have changed, and parents would like to make their kids’ lives as easy as possible. She adds that she would not like to see her kids go through what she endured at the same age as a mother herself.

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