Does Your Order Really Score You Points on a Date?

“There’s no second first impression,” goes a saying. The first date is usually your one shot at making a permanent first impression on your potential romantic partner. It, therefore, goes without saying that messing it up might ruin your chances of having future dates with the same person. While most people try to avoid this by dressing up and being in their best behavior, a new study reveals that it might not be enough.

Ordering the right drink

OnePoll conducted a study for Jack Daniels on 2000 Americans above the age of 21 who take alcohol. The survey’s main aim was to establish the impact of the first drink order on a first date.

According to the poll, the first drink order on the first date makes a permanent first impression. According to 6 in every ten men who took the poll, a wrong drink order could determine the date’s progress. However, only 32% of women said a wrong drink order would be a deal-breaker for them.

Interestingly, James Bond might have been right. A whopping 60% of the participants said that ordering a martini would make the best impression on a first date. Gin and tonics found favor with 46% of the participants, while 45% said Manhattans are in their good books.

A Long Island Iced Tea is the most frowned upon first date drink order, with 22% of the participants terming it as a date ‘deal-breaker.’ Over a third of the participants also admitted to ordering expensive first drinks on a date to make the impression.

Learning how to make a cocktail

The survey also revealed that 79% of the participants had a specific ‘go-to drink for a date that had taken them three years to figure out. Additionally. 71% of the participants said they could make their drink of choice themselves.

On average, the participants moved from low to top-shelf drinks at the age of 27. It also took them an average of three years to get familiar with their favorite drink to possible lengths of making the cocktails themselves.

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