New Study Shows Almost 70% Of Americans Are Unaware Of Endangered Animal Species

A new study has revealed that seven in ten Americans are not aware of animals that are thriving on the verge of extinction. 

Around 68% of Americans are not knowledgeable about endangered species 

According to recent research of 2,000 individuals, 68% do not consider themselves to be “highly knowledgeable” on the likelihood of various species extinction or survival in the modern world. The vast majority acknowledge they are unaware that some animals, including the Western Lowland Gorilla, may be on the verge of permanent extinction (83%).

Similar to this, 81 percent of people are unaware that sea turtles are an endangered species, and eight out of ten people are unaware that Sumatran rhino species are declining. Since 37 percent of adults don’t know how they could contribute to making a difference, almost one-third of individuals feel the subject of species extinction is not “on their radar.”

According to the study, which was commissioned by the smartphone company OPPO as part of its commitment to supporting wildlife conservation initiatives, 36% of respondents think all animals might become extinct in the United States within the next generation.

Do animals require greater media attention?

Many participants were unaware that the bonobo, orangutan, and chimpanzee are endangered species. However, the respondent recognized the saber-toothed tiger, dodo, and woolly mammoth, as being extinct, though.

The three animals that upset respondents the most about going extinct are sea turtles, blue whales, and red pandas. Because of this, 41 percent think there is a need for more education regarding animal conservation, and 38 percent think the media doesn’t give the subject enough attention.

Much should be done, according to two out of three people, and 40% of them say they are “extremely interested” in saving species from extinction. A few respondents also mentioned that they believed habitat destruction, poaching, and global warming to be the main causes of animal extinction.

Also discussed by respondents were nocturnal animals. More than half of people surveyed said they often consider these animals and don’t believe they’ll go extinct as other species have (54%).

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