Drinking Up To Three-Quarters Of A Pint Of Milk Daily Increases Risk Of Prostate Cancer, Study Finds

According to recent studies, drinking milk could raise a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer. As per a big survey, persons who drink just three-quarters of a pint of milk each day still have a 25% higher risk of developing prostate cancer relative to those who take less than a quarter of a pint of milk per week.

Researchers find a link between milk and prostate cancer 

Milk has stimulants, according to Loma Linda University academics, that support cell division. Scientists advise consumers to convert to popular vegan milk, including soy, cashew, and oat.

Surprisingly, there was no association between cheese or yogurt and prostate cancer. The authors of the study indicate that during fermentation, potentially hazardous proteins and hormones leave these products. According to the lead author, Professor Gary Fraser, the phenomena also extended to non-fat and reduced-fat milk in addition to whole milk.

Fraser said in a statement, “Our findings add important weight to other evidence associating dairy products, rather than non-dairy calcium, as a modifiable risk factor for prostate cancer.”

Interestingly, the findings did not reveal a consistent increase in risk for men who consumed substantially more dairy. On the other hand, raising dairy consumption in increments of 50 grams did not result in similar increases in danger as increasing the size of the meals.

Sex hormone in cow milk responsible for prostate cancer 

The researcher  claimed, “By the time you reach to 150 grams, or 2/3 of a cup of milk each day, much of the continued expanded danger is done with.”  I

Interestingly, the study allowed the comparison of a range of dairy consumption that included low-level consumption. Findings offer little evidence of a link between prostate cancer and calcium intake. 

The secret may lie in cow milk’s sex hormone composition. Prostate cancer responds to hormone treatment, and up to 75% of lactating cows are pregnant. Additionally, earlier studies have linked consumption of milk and other animal protein with increased blood levels of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which is known to promote a number of malignancies, including prostate cancer.

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