Most Americans spend a lot Of Time in the Kitchen, Study Finds

According to a recent survey, you may spend more time in the kitchen than you know. The study of over 2,000 Americans found that people spend an average of more than 400 hours in their kitchen each year. 

An average person spends 67 minutes in the kitchen daily 

The kitchen is at the heart of the household, with Americans spending an average of 67 minutes daily in the kitchen. Most of the respondents (77%) have cultivated this habit and claim that they used to do family cooking and create childhood memories. Interestingly, 31% said that they used to do it each day. 

Around 36% of the respondents indicate that they learned o cook with relatives, while 37% say they remember eating meals with their families. Among the best memories for approximately 30% of the respondents are cleaning the kitchen and food shopping. 

A full house significantly affected the participants’ most incredible childhood memories. For instance, 38% of participants said their best memories of childhood were listening to their grandparents’ and parents’ stories.

The majority of participants make dinner (23%), lunch (21%), and breakfast (29%) on themselves, but they often collaborate with their spouses to put a meal together for the household.

One Poll surveyed Bosch Home Appliances and asked participants about cooking experiences growing up and the family’s impact on their love for Cooking. 

Family plays a role in respondents’ cooking skills 

Bosch Senior Brand Manager Cara Acker said, “Cooking in the heart of the home is often a sacred family activity. The survey found that 56 percent of Americans say they wish they didn’t have to go to the grocery store so often for more food, ice or water, demonstrating the need for a kitchen that’s conducive to uninterrupted family time.”

When asked about their favorite dishes, each respondent pointed to a specific family member with a particular recipe. Interestingly respondents hold high their cultural heritage, with 56% saying they were proud to know how to prepare cuisines from their culture.  

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