How Parents Should Deal With Children Who Develop Concussions

Reports indicate that some of the most common injuries are concussions. Statistics analysed from testimonials gathered from several National Football League players highlighted the consequences of concussions. Fortunately, severe concussion is more common in athletes and unlikely to occur at home.

However, milder confusion could happen to children. For this reason, it is up to parents to protect the children from concussions and ensure they get treated in case they occur.

The Centre for disease control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued suggestions that assist parents while undergoing such situations. The regulatory body highlighted it is not easy for parents or guardians to help in such situations, thus making it worse for the affected child. The concussion treatment issued to a child should reflect the type of individual.

What parents need to know about concussions

Each child or teen is different. Therefore the consequences of the concussion will differ from one to another. However, there are common aspects of concussions that each parent should know regarding their child’s experience. These vital factors include the time frame each child uses to get better and what type of tasks can assist your child in getting better.

The CDC revealed that the average child requires at least three months to achieve normalcy following a concussion. During this period, the regulatory body recommends that the parent lookout for concussion symptoms, including dizziness, difficulty sleeping, and moodiness. Parents are also recommended to let the child take time to rest, especially during the first few days following the experience.

The recommendations issued by the Centre for Disease Control

The recommendations issued by the regulatory body to parents include using the right mechanism to diagnose the condition and avoiding using a CT scan or conducting an MRI due to the severity of the condition. It is important to remember the symptoms associated with the concussion before jumping to any conclusions and running expensive tests.

The CDC also recommended that each parent, guardian or teacher partner up with the paediatrician to ensure that the child’s recovery is subtle and efficient.

In addition, parents should emphasise safety to avoid concussions. Encouraging children to play some games in a helmet could prevent head injury, thus preventing the disorder.

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