Harsh Regulations For Vaping Products

Smoking habits have evolved over the past decade or two. One of the most embraced new smoking practices is vaping. According to Wikipedia, a  vaporizer or e-cigarette is any device that is used to vaporize substances for inhalation.

Why people vape

You might wonder why people are going through all that trouble to vaporize a cigarette; why not light it and smoke it the old school way? Well, several factors make vaping a better option for some.

  • Vaping is Eco friendly.

Little or no smoke comes from using vaporizers. This might not seem like it’s reducing significant emissions, but if all the chain-smokers who smoke more than a pack every day were to shift to vaping, the difference would be pretty noticeable.

  • It helps in quitting cigarettes.

Vaping gives the same satisfaction as smoking to the throat without the burning implications caused by smoking. Smokers trying to quit find vaping as a better substitute than using other methods like chewing tobacco.

  • Vaping is safer than smoking.

Apart from being less of a fire hazard, vaping has been proven to be less harmful than smoking. According to studies, vaping poses less than 0.5% as many cancer risks as smoking.

  • Less messy

Smoking cigarettes is very messy with all the ash that comes with it. Even with an ashtray, constant smoking in your car will still get ash everywhere and mess your interior. This is not the case with vaping.

Crackdown on vape products

Congress in late 2020 passed restrictions on tobacco distribution in addition to the 2009 ones dubbed the PACT (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking) Act. This 2020 expansion included electronic nicotine delivery systems or vapes as part of the products that cannot be shipped directly to the customer.

Private delivery companies like UPS and FedEx immediately banned the delivery of vapes, whether for tobacco or otherwise. This law was geared towards curbing tobacco smuggling, but a few vapers feel that it was unfair to target the vaporizers themselves.

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