Florence Williams’ New Book Reveals the Process of Falling in Love and Heartbreaks

Florence Williams recently published a book called Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey which details her heartbreak journey. The science author detailed her experience following her breakup from her husband of twenty-five years. Williams equated her experience to a brain injury and searched for means to understand her situation that she began having conversations with various specialists in the U.S

Williams also talked to specialists from the U.K. to determine if the heartbreak could lead to other physiological symptoms. Finally, the book analyzes the levels at which extreme emotional pain could turn into physical pain that impacts specific organs of the body. William’s main focus was on specific organs such as the heart, brain, or whole body.

Specialists explain the connection between science and falling in love

Previous studies such as Psychology Today revealed that human beings experience love differently. However, the study revealed that the difference assists in understanding the chemistry behind the art of falling in love. The book revealed that the process begins when the brain, with the aid of adrenal glands, produces dopamine, which affects several organs such as the sweat glands.

The dopamine hormone also impacts the person’s senses and genitals, thus increasing dopamine levels. The hormone makes people feel certain emotions such as happiness and pleasure, among others. Following the release of the hormone, the brain also releases other hormones: norepinephrine and phenylethylamine.

The latter hormones are responsible for the additional focus and interest on the wanted person, thus adding an amount of euphoria feelings.

Specialists say that science can explain the effects of breakup effects on the body

Williams reported that dealing with breakups is challenging because it creates feelings of rejection that upset people. A report from Insider revealed that the body considers heartbreak as a mechanism that places the body into a fight or flight environment. The brain then reiterates by sending signals that make the person decide whether to deal with it or run away.

Dr. Kristin Binachi, a Clinical psychologist, revealed to Insider that breakups affect a person’s body in various ways. These ways include sleeping troubles loss of appetite, among others.

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